Used SubZero SZSW-P15X Active Subwoofer 800W RMS

  • 15" woofer with 4" voice coil gives you deep and powerful bass sounds
  • Dual 35mm and M20 thread pole mounts
  • Features two XLR/jack combi input channels and a crossover output
  • Fitted castor mounting points
  • 1 month return to base warranty included

Used SubZero SZSW-P15X Active Subwoofer 800W RMS is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Our Price: £299.00
Brand: SubZero

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Product Description


Collection Only from Giltbrook near Nottingham

Here we have available a used active powered 15” subwoofer from SubZero. Fantastic value for money for this 800 Watt subwoofer with built-in internal DSP technology, which is usually only included on more expensive brands. Rugged construction, with a 1 month return to base warranty included.

Full Description

Your personal sound engineer. Whether it's a live performance, disco or presentation, the built-in DSP technology gives you the optimum sound for your audio. A simple single-knob design lets you choose your setting quickly, with everything clearly displayed on the LCD screen. The functions allow you to adjust the output sound of the speaker based on the following modes:

Music Mode: Leaves the EQ mostly flat. The speaker will run full range, with just a few slight tweaks to optimise the sound.

DJ Mode: Emphasises the lowest frequencies, accentuating the bass and making the sub sound "bigger". Ideal for parties and DJ sets.

Live Mode: Creates a smooth low-end roll-off with a slightly extended top range.

Because of room acoustics, getting a deep and balanced subwoofer sound can be difficult – even for experienced audio engineers. The SubZero DSP Subwoofer makes things easier, with carefully configured DSP modes to help you get the right sound quickly:

Normal: The most common configuration of a subwoofer is simply on the floor, often by itself. For situations such as this, this leaves the subwoofer acting as normal without any changes to the settings.

Monitor: For using the sub as a stage side-fill or drum kit monitor.

Reverse Phase Mode: In some acoustic environments, the emphasis of bass sounds can be weakened due to phase cancellation. This is where the sound from a second subwoofer or a room echo interferes with the audio. It results in a thinner or quieter bass signal. By using the reverse phase mode, the SubZero DSP Subwoofer prevents sounds waves cancelling each other out, giving you a fuller bass sound.

Crossover Selection: Select your preferred high frequency cutoff - choose between 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 150Hz. The subwoofer will reproduce any sounds below this frequency, while sounds above this frequency can be outputted to a separate PA speaker via the XLR output, giving you a truly balanced sound.

Designed for sound quality. Featuring a 3200W output, a 15" woofer and a 4" voice coil, this subwoofer has been engineered to produce powerful extended lows all the way down to 35Hz. This has all been built in a robust 18mm plywood cabinet, with a heavy-duty steel grille to protect the speaker from unwanted knocks. These features combine to create a powerful subwoofer suitable for a wide range of venues and performances.


  • Line inputs: 2x jack/XLR combi
  • Line outputs: 2x XLR
  • Speaker dimension: 15"
  • Voice coil: 4"
  • Power: 800W RMS, 1150W peak, 3200W max
  • Max SPL: 128dB
  • Frequency response: 35Hz - 150Hz
  • Crossover: 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz or 150Hz
  • Cabinet material: 18mm plywood
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Dimensions: 621mm x 480mm x 620mm