home and project recording studio equipmentMusic Gear Direct in Nottingham offer a great range of studio recording equipment for your home recording studio or project studio set up.

At our showroom in Nottingham, not too far away for customers requiring studio equipment in Mansfield, Derby, Loughborough and Chesterfield, we always have a number of different project studios set up and ready for demo.

We stock studio monitors and headphones from brands such as KRK and Shure which are able to give you a true representation of your recordings when listening back to allow the best possible end result on your mixes. We have USB audio interfaces from small, on the go, single input units to connect to your computer and/or iOS device to get your ideas down, to audio interfaces from brands including Focusrite which are expandable for more analogue inputs, capable of handling a full live band recording session.

We stock a large range of analogue and digital mixing consoles (or mixing desks as they are commonly known) from leading manufacturers such as Allen & Heath, Behringer, Presonus, Soundcraft and Yamaha. We also have a range of handy accessories like heavy weight microphone stands from K&M for the ultimate support when you need it and Reflexion filters from SE Electronics which help to get the best out of vocal recordings in a room that has not necessarily been acoustically treated.

To get the best result when recording vocals or live instruments, Condenser microphones from the likes of SE Electronics are often used as they pick up a true and flat response allowing the user to EQ to their preference to get the desired sound. Condensers are often in the form of a chunky side address microphone, this helps to pick up the sound accurately. They are more commonly used in a quiet environment such as the studio as they are so sensitive to ambient noise.

If you are looking for a controller keyboard to add to your set up then we offer a good selection from leading brands including Novation

At Music Gear Direct in Nottingham - a short drive for customers wanting to demonstrate studio equipment from Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield and Newark -  we are always more than happy to help you make the right choice for you. Whether you are looking at setting up a new studio or looking to upgrade parts of your existing recording studio, we can offer you great advice from any of our experienced staff.