Music Gear Direct Club

When you join the Music Gear Direct Club, although it might seem a strange way to start, let us tell you what we won’t do!

  1. Fill your inbox with daily and weekly offers!
  2. Offer you benefits that have little or no value!
  3. Share your information with other people so you get even more unwanted mail!

We could go on but I think by now you have got the picture!

What we will do is:

  1. Email you to let you know when we are clearing out our demo or end of line stock and we will have genuinely reduced the price. Usually we do this twice a year.
  2. Email you if we get any really special deals. We always aim to offer the best prices from an authorised UK dealer, but there are sometimes occasions when we can go even further. For example, sometimes we buy products in bulk at a discount price that we agree not to advertise the discounted price on line,but we can email the offer discreetly to our club members.
  3. Give you 10% discount off our web prices on all KNX cables and Goliath stands.
  4. Give you 20% discount on our standard workshop labour rates.
  5. Keep you informed so you know when we plan to hold any of our free training events or demonstration days/evenings. Club members will be offered the limited amount of places available first.

So in closing we will not bombard you with emails and hopefully when you do receive something from us it is at least worth the read!

Hopefully we can welcome you to our club!

Please complete your registration deals below and as a thank you we will send you a £10.00 Voucher to be used in store on your first purchase over £100.00...