Speakers for Installations

We are immensely proud to have a long working association with many of the world’s leading speaker brands. Whether you require your installation speakers for a small bar, corner shop or restaurant, or a larger concert venue or theatre application, we have the knowledge, expertise and the experience to help you make the right choice.  After all, our strap line has always been, Music Gear Direct – Your Sound Choice!

Within this category you will find a compliment of speakers that are in the main, designed specifically for installation. Ceiling speakers for example, generally have no other purpose other than for installation into a suspended or plasterboard ceiling. However, box type speaker enclosures, either wooden or moulded, can be used for installation and portable application.

The main difference with a dedicated installation speaker is that it has a number of the unnecessary components stripped out at the point of manufacture. Often Speakon inputs are replaced with simple bare wire terminal blocks or screws. Handles would not normally be used and ‘top hats’ underneath are generally not included, although sometimes a wall bracket with 35mm diameter spigot makes use of this. Many install speakers have a series of fixing points, which is generally a M10 thread that is used to attach a wall bracket or hang the speaker from a truss. These are also useful for secondary safety fixing

Often installation speaker components don’t need to be of a more expensive lighter material, as they’re not going to be carried around. Likewise, the box material maybe of a composite type as appose to plywood.

Most installation speakers will be of the unpowered type, unlike portable speakers, which are mostly self powered. The amplifier and rest of the system control usually remain behind a bar, or in an office for safety and convenience of powering down.

Smaller installation speakers will often be of the 100 volt type, with a transformer on each speaker. This transformer has an adjustable wattage tapping to adjust the power output of install speakers. This is particularly useful when calculating the total wattage of a series of speakers that are being installed. For example, you could install 11 ceiling speakers tapped at 20 watts each from a 240 watt amplifier. Generally, this type of application is used in installations that require a number of speakers that are mainly used for background or incidental music, such as a restaurant or hotel reception.

If the installation requires more power and potentially more volume, typically low impedance speakers are used. It is possible to have a mixture of both 100 volt line and low impedance speakers. For example, the low impedance in the bar area where ambient noise is more apparent and the system might be used for a DJ, whereas in the beer garden, several smaller speakers could suffice.

All speakers of course require several accessories, including speaker cable. This can be of a variety of gauges, depending on the power and size of the speaker. More information about the correct cable and other accessories can be found on our accessory category.

As with all installation items, we strongly advise that all work is carried out by qualified and competent personnel. Making sure to calculate speaker weight against the wall fixing is extremely important. If you are in any doubts or need any help making your choice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. We are always happy to give you ‘sound advice’!

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