Sound Limiters for Installations

In this category we can give you help and guidance as well as a brief explanation about Sound Limiters. They are used in a variety of establishments that potentially create a level of noise, namely Public Houses, Hotels, Working Men’s and Social Clubs and Concert Venues. In fact potentially anywhere that has live entertainment, whether that is from a live band or a DJ.

Often referred to as dB meters, the sound limiter is a digital device that has a built in microphone which measure the sound pressure levels of environmental noise, often used in venues, hotels and clubs and pubs that may be in a built up area. They are commonly equipped with a ‘traffic light’ type monitor and if the light stays in red for a length of time, the power will be cut off. Often Sound Limiters are instructed to be installed by local councils, sometimes after, or often before complaints about noise levels at a venue are received.

Although they can be difficult to work with for live musicians and DJ’s where different volume levels are used to create dynamics, providing they are not instructed to be set too low, they often provide a much more comfortable atmosphere and listening experience.

A Decibel (dB) is an individual measurement of noise. A typical conversation with a slightly raised voice in a crowded pub environment may produce around 70 – 75 decibels. A typical band or DJ within that environment may produce around 85 – 95 decibels. This doesn’t seem a great increase but every 3dB doubles the sound intensity.

When a sound limiter is instructed to be installed, usually the local council or environmental health will advise as to what the level the limiter requires to be set at.

We strongly advise that the installation of this type of equipment be carried out by qualified personnel. We are always happy to help and advice so please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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