Lighting & Effects for Installations

Stage Lighting, Mood Lighting, Dance Floor Effects, Smoke and Haze Machines are all essentials to help create the best atmosphere possible. From a single lighting wash in a restaurant to a full on lighting rig within a venue, getting the mood right is key to lighting success!

Historically lighting was always heat generating, costly halogen or sealed beam type bulbs that forever required maintenance. Nowadays all aspects of lighting are of the LED type. LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current is passed through it. Importantly it is virtually maintenance free meaning no costly call outs to change a stage light, which often means setting up an access tower or ladder, risk assessments….

When LED lighting was first introduced within the commercial sector, it was unreliable and fairly dull when compared to old fashioned bulbs. Technology has come on leaps and bounds and LED’s are now considered to be the standard in any size venue. Our Installation division is extremely busy simply changing old fashioned lighting and installing LED lighting. These often pay for themselves in the reduction in the running costs within 1 to 2 years.

An increasingly popular version of LED lighting is COB Lighting. COB stands for Chips On Board and include more diodes directly on the circuit board that creates a better lumen per watt ratio, the result, a brighter light. Many new LED’s also feature singular multi colour chips, most commonly RGB, which is red, green and blue. These 3 colours are primary colours and collectively or in any combination create all spectrum colours. Take a look at the example below, achieved from mixing the 3 colours.


Red + Green = Yellow

Red + Blue = Magenta

Blue + Green = Cyan

Red + Blue + Green = White

Plus of course the individual colours. The inclusion of White, Amber and Ultra Violet colours have made LED lighting even more versatile.        

With a lighting controller, via DMX, colours can be dimmed and mixed making literally thousands of colour combinations.

Most lighting fixtures have the facility to alter their operation via a small control panel on the back. These vary from stepping through a variety of colours mixes, to dimming and strobing options. Settings can be stored and the lighting fixture can work as a standalone or part of a group of lights. Another key setting on all of the fixtures is the DMX option.

DMX stands for Digital Multiplex and is the standard operating protocol of lighting worldwide. It’s vast technology is able to send a maximum of 512 pieces of information down ONE cable. Individual fixtures can be set into individual DMX channels and then operated independently or in any quantity of fixture that shares the same DMX channel. This way several lighting fixtures can be assigned to do different things relative to their DMX channel. Fascinating!

To achieve all of this of course the lights have to connected to a DMX Controller. Controllers come in a variety of sizes and range from simple operation of 3 basic colours, to individual control over many fixtures including Moving Heads, Lasers and even Smoke and Haze Machines. The options are endless, although they can require many hours of programming.

So from simple plug and play operation of a basic lighting effect, to the intricate functions of powerful Moving Heads, all aspects of lighting is available from us. Because there are new lights and effects being developed all of the time, it is possible that some of the available lights are not included in this section. Please contact us if you require something that does not appear in this section.

Don’t forget the Accessories! A list of all vital lighting accessories from Trussing clamps to DMX Cables and from Smoke and Haze Fluid to secondary fix safety chains can be found here in this section.

Installing all types of lighting is second nature to us, so we are always here to advise on how to get the best out of your lighting fixtures whatever your budget.

As with all Audio and Lighting products, we strongly advise that work only be carried out by qualified personnel. Remember, very often these fixtures are directly above someone!

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