Complete Package Solutions for Installations

If you’ve been searching the internet for speaker and amplification advice and choices to potentially install yourself then you’ve probably realised by now that it can be quite a confusing and daunting task! There are a multitude of specifications, calculations and sizes to consider, not to mention low impedance, 100-volt line, tapping facilities, ohms, wattage…. The list goes on!

What we’ve done in our Complete Package section is hopefully taken some of the worry out of the options and put together some solutions that in our experience are popular, matched and configured systems. We’ve created a quantity of packages from a small space system consisting of a couple of ceiling speakers that will be suitable as a good, value for money background music system, to a medium space solution across more than 1 room that possibly needs to cope with more ambient noise.

There are bigger systems to choose from of course and we understand that potentially every installation maybe slightly different. In this section we’ve chosen to list packages up to a certain size. Predominantly there are 2 types of speaker application: Wall mount and Ceiling mount. There’s no real advantage from one over the other, it is usually down to one of the following.

Ceiling space and access - a plastered ceiling maybe awkward to fit ceiling speakers into, whereas ceiling tiles should be fine and ceiling speakers look great in tiles.

Aesthetics – There may be seating around where you need to fit the speakers, especially if the premises has a low ceiling. In this case ceiling speakers may be more suitable than corner wall speakers.

Ceiling height – If the room has a fairly high ceiling, wall mount speakers would be a better option. The sound simply doesn’t have to travel down as far.

The ‘Image’ – Wall mount speakers can be installed landscape or portrait orientation. Speakers that are on the wall tend to look like a more serious choice, plus in most cases, do produce a warmer, often louder sound due to the box enclosure.

Sometimes our customers require a combination of both to suit different parts of the application. In this case a bespoke system maybe a better option. If you feel that you need slight variances on our system packages, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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