Logic Systems Pro Audio Ltd- British built PA Sound Systems & PA Speakers

Logic Systems

Logic Systems Pro Audio was founded in 1993. Over the intervening years the company has grown from humble origins in converted farm buildings to the current purpose built 10,000 sq. ft. factory in rural Lincolnshire.

Each Logic product range meets specific needs and performs to the highest standards with good long-term reliability. Logic utilise the latest technology in designs that produce high levels of performance, but never lose sight of the fact that they are craftsmen, combining their traditional skills making birch cabinets with a cutting-edge design house.

The result is highly developed products that have gained an enviable reputation for sonic quality, premium quality and reliability which has earned the brand both respect and an established position in the world Pro Audio marketplace.

And while the product range was always targeted towards a broad cross section of the marketplace including installation, church and theatre, the company has also developed products which give it an important, prime position in the ‘Live Sound’ market.