Kinetiks Audio - high quality budget priced loudspeakers and PA cab

Kinetiks Audio offer a clarity of sound and build quality normally found in systems costing many times more. Introduced in 1992, Kinetiks Audio was designed in the UK and was originally manufactured under licence at the legendary Carlsbro Sound Systems factory in the heart of Nottinghamshire - the photograph shows original Kinetiks PA speakers and power amplifier from back in 1993...

Updated and redesigned to suit todays needs, Kinetiks Audio Loudspeakers have been at the forefront of many a live performance for almost 25 years and once you hear them, it's easy to understand why!

Available exclusively from Music Gear Direct in Nottingham, these superb products come in choice of powered or unpowered models making them an ideal choice for your main PA system speakers, floor monitors or just a single self-powered speaker for the ultimate in compact portable sound.